Mouth Guards and Night Guards

We at Pelham Hills Dentistry offer dental guards that are custom-fitted for your mouth. Custom-fitted appliances are superior to a retail store product in terms of precision fit and comfort which is important because the more comfortable it is- the more likely your child will wear it consistently while playing sports or before sleeping.

You can protect your teeth with:

  • Mouth Guards
  • Night Guards

Mouth Guards:

Mouthguards have become a piece of critical athletic equipment, and are necessary to protect teeth from both small injuries and major traumas. Mouthguards absorb any impact on your teeth, preventing the situation of losing your tooth when one gets a shock to the mouth suddenly. Mouthguards are customized to be the exact shape and fit for your mouth and generally cover your top teeth, however, they can be made to meet your personal sport specifications and requirements

Night Guards:

Nightguards are an effective treatment option for our patients that suffer from the unconscious night grinding and clenching of their teeth as they sleep. The night guard is designed so that you breathe easily and to protect you against dental issues like tooth wear amongst others.

Is it for me?

Many patients that grind their teeth or clench their jaw during sleep, do so unconsciously. You might be totally unaware that you grind or clench your teeth at night until your dentist identifies the wear and tear from it. A night guard is an easy and effective way of protecting your teeth and helps to ensure you get a night of better sleep as well as eliminate further damage to your teeth and any associated pain caused by clenching or grinding and help to prevent Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) problems.

Night Guards are made to be as comfortable as possible, are transparent. They are fabricated from a mouldable plastic that covers your bottom or top teeth - or both. The material and shape are meant to absorb impact from grinding and clenching at night.


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